Confidence Building Activities and Exercises

confidence building activitiesEveryone in this world probably wants to become a more confident person if he was being given the chance to do so. The problem is, a lot of people do not really know how they should go about regaining their self-confidence. If you are one of such person, fret not – for today we will go through a few simple confidence building activities and exercises that you can use to boost your self-esteem right now.

Using Affirmations

Ah, affirmations. You probably have been sick and tired of hearing this simple yet troublesome exercise time and time again. Maybe you have been using affirmations for a long time, but just find that it doesn’t seem to work for you.

If that is the case, have you ever wondered whether you are using affirmations wrongly? The main crucial point you have to take note about using affirmations is the feeling you are getting when using these affirmations. If these affirmations are used in a proper way, you should always be feeling positive emotions such as happiness, passion and drive. If you are feeling sad and depressed while using these affirmations, then of course it will not help you much in any way at all.

Setting attainable goals step by step

A lot of time, we become unconfident of ourselves because we think that we have nothing of value to offer to others, and that we can do nothing great by ourselves. Little do you know that actually you are capable of a lot of things!

Thus, try to set small goals first and aim for these goals. For instance, you might want to just run for 10 minutes every day for a month in order to keep fit. If you set these goals, you are more likely to follow and achieve them, and you will feel very great and happy the moment you have completed these goals.

Keep a journal or diary

Humans are very forgetful creatures and often tend to forget what they have done very easily unless they are being forced to remember them. Therefore, keeping a journal where you only pen down all your positive thoughts and the obstacles you have overcome will definitely help you greatly when you need that slight boost of self-confidence at any time.

Take up more courses to learn new skills

Nowadays, you can find a lot of new courses for cheap prices on sites like Groupon. It would not hurt anyone to pick up a new skill, no matter how basic it might be. The more knowledge you know, the more you would feel you have something of value to offer to others, and hence your self-confidence would also increase greatly.

These are just a few simple confidence building exercises anyone can start doing today. If low self-confidence is not fixed at the early stages, they may end up manifesting themselves into social anxiety or shyness, and this can become very troublesome.

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