How to Get More Confidence in No Time At All

how to get more confidenceIf you have somehow landed up on this page, you are probably someone who is suffering from problems of low self-esteem or low self-confidence. Even though there are a lot of methods out there that can help you to learn how to regain confidence or to cope with your social anxiety, all of these methods there can take a long while before you can see any effects.

So how can you get more confidence right now, sort of like a temporary fix? Even though a lot of people think that this is something that is impossible and improbable, I cannot help to say that they are so wrong to be saying that. There are indeed quick and temporary fixes for you to learn how to boost your confidence right now; just that you have to remember they are not meant for a long term solution or cure.

The first method you can learn to use is the Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is also known as EFT for short. How this works is that you control and manage your emotions by tapping or rubbing specific points on your body, sort of like how an anchor works. Often, certain actions that we do subconsciously get associated with negative feelings over time, and EFT will help to desensitize this association and get you back onto the positive feelings track.

For instance, when you are feeling uncomfortable in crowded areas or taking the train, you might have a certain action that you always do, such as putting your hands in your pocket or touching your nose. With EFT, you will be able to change this association such that these actions will bring about a positive feeling rather than a negative one.

Even though EFT has been labelled as a scam in the psychology field and discredited, it is still worth a try since it is completely free and will not harm you in any way at all. There are a lot of free videos teaching you how to use EFT completely for free, so you definitely do not have to spend any money in order to learn this particular technique.

The next method may seem really simple, but it is something that can be really effective. It is just visualization.

Note that this visualization is not what you often think it is – such as visualizing you earning a lot of money or along those lines. This visualization is to help you to get accustomed to the feelings you are going to feel in the specific situation.

A lot of times, we feel unconfident and uncomfortable in certain situations because we are afraid of the outcomes. Even before we have even started doing that particular thing, our minds start to run amok and think of the negative consequences that might happen.

For instance, if you want to approach a girl just to say hi, your mind will start telling you all sorts of bad things that are going to happen to you, such as the girl might slap you, might pour water onto you, etc. But the reality is that most of the time the girl will just give you a smile, reject you politely and walk away. That’s the worst thing that could possibly happen, yet our minds can constantly think of more severe consequences to paralyze you in your own tracks.

By visualization, it means to visualize a successful outcome rather than a negative one. By deliberately focusing and visualizing on a successful outcome, you would be able to get rid of the negative ones and hence become more confident and feel a lot better.

These are just 2 simple methods and tricks anyone can learn today in order when it comes to getting no confidence in no time at all.

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