Announcement: How to Overcome Shyness

how-to-overcome-shynessAre you finally sick and tired of your own life because you are shy? I definitely understand the position you are in, when one day I finally decided to say f*** it all and look into overcoming shyness one night while sitting in front of my laptop.

A lot of stuff that built up over time finally just blew it for me:

  •       I didn’t have the social life I wanted
  •       I didn’t dare to even text message the girl I liked in class
  •       I was nervous around other people and always found an excuse to avoid them
  •       I had little friends and was always alone most of the time
  •       I didn’t even dare to order food from the stalls in my school canteen sometimes!
  •      And so on..

Chances are, if you have somehow landed up on this page, then this must definitely strike a chord in some of you. I know this because I felt exactly the same way as you a few years ago, and all I can say is that: Don’t give up! For there is a way out of all of this!

So how did I actually manage to overcome my shyness?

Well, to be exact, I did not really manage to overcome my shyness. By that I mean that I did not manage to get rid of it completely, and I still am shy in certain social situations. But that is normal, as long as the shyness is to a minimum level and not hindering you from living the kind of life you want to live.

It actually took me a lot of trial and error and experiments to finally reduce my shyness bit by bit. As you know, there is quite a ton of garbage out there written by doctors and psychologists on how to reduce shyness. Most of them are garbage because they are written by people who have never suffered from social anxiety and shyness before!

But I have, and I have had to go through a lot of discomfort, embarrassment and humiliation to get to the stage where I am today. And I am pretty sure if I can, you can too – as long as you are prepared to put in the effort and not be afraid of all the obstacles that are going to come along your way. It’s not going to be an easy road!

In order to learn how to overcome your shyness, you would have to take progressive steps as it is something that cannot be cured overnight. Here is a simple guide to follow that would be able to help you get rid of your shyness:

1.Is Shyness Genetic?

This article will help you to understand the main causes of shyness and whether genetics play a part in it. Only by understanding the root cause of shyness will you be able to better fight against it.

2.Overcome Social Fears Through Progressive Desensitization

If you are shy, you probably have a bit of social anxiety too. If you can manage to reduce your amount of social anxiety, then chances are it will also help your shyness in many ways.

3.How to Keep a Conversation Going

Most of the time people are shy because they do not know how to react to other people and feel socially awkward. If you can get yourself comfortable with people, then chances are you will begin to feel less shy and socially awkward as time goes by.

4.One Simple Method to Overcome Shyness

Overcoming shyness is not something that can be done overnight. If you need a temporary method to reduce your amount of shyness, this is the best method!

5.Reasons Why Intelligent People Are More Shy And Socially Awkward

If you are shy, chances are you are actually pretty intelligent. If you can manage to reduce your shyness to a large extent, you will definitely have a much brighter future that most other people!

6.Shy Around the Opposite Sex?

The opposite sex has definitely got to be one of the main concerns for anyone who is shy. Anybody who is shy and suffer from social anxiety definitely feels very uncomfortable interacting with the opposite sex. And this is something that you have to learn how to deal with, as the moment you have learnt how to deal with it, your confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket!

These are just some articles, methods and techniques to help you get started on trying to learn how to overcome shyness. You might find that they seem to be jumbled up and not really follow any distinct pattern, but that is normal.

This is because shyness is something that cannot be solved easily overnight, as they are made up of many different problems and aspects of your life. All of the above are just some of the most important ones that will help you greatly in reducing your levels of shyness. Once you have managed to tackle most of these important issues, you will naturally be able to find other ways to make yourself feel less shy!

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One Response to Announcement: How to Overcome Shyness

  1. Mandy says:

    Well, having been through all these, I can share the same sentiments as you. Being shy does have its advantages though… the trick is to be able to try and maintain a balance – being able to be outspoken when you should but still remain a “shy” core. That’s the best I feel introverts or shy people should strive for!

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