Confidence Boosters That You Can Use Today

Confidence booster tipsIf you have somehow landed up on this page, then you might be suffering from low self-confidence and has always been look for a way to learn how to regain confidence. If this is the case, fret not, for here are some simple confidence boosters that anyone can start using today to feel more confident!

1. Smile

A lot of people seem to belittle the power of a smile. I am sure that if you look hard enough around you, you will probably realize that the happiest people around you seem to also be the ones that are the most confident and less shy. Do you think it is just purely a coincidence that this is the case? I really doubt so! Think about yourself and your mood – chances are, you are probably a person who smiles very little if you think you suffer from low self-confidence. If you do not know how to smile properly, fake it till you make it!

2. Take the compliments of othersĀ 

There is a huge difference between being humble and being shy or being not confident. Many low self-esteem people tend to shrug off praises and compliments when they are given to them. To them, they might think that they are being humble, but actually this is not the case. Deep down inside them, they feel like they do not deserve these praises and compliments, thus they shrug them off. Thus, in the future if some praises or compliments you, just smile back or say Thanks – do not shrug or reject the compliment or find ways to reject it!

3. Stop over-analyzing everything and do it!

Many people who suffer from low self-confidence tend to over analyze almost everything and end up not doing anything. It’s great to analyze a certain situation sometimes, but for these people, they tend to only focus on over-analyzing on the bad/negative side of things, and you can see how it can end up hurting them instead. They would think “What if this doesn’t work out?” , “What if she doesn’t like my present?”, “What if… What if..?” And the more you do this, the more paralyzed you will feel, and then you would end up not doing anything at all.

4. Make eye contact

This is probably one of the easiest and common way in which you can try to get more confidence every day, but also one of the hardest. If you really think about your interactions with others, do you really maintain eye contact with at least 50% of the people you interact with? My guess is “No.” This is one of the easiest way to improve your self-esteem because you can do it almost everyday, but also one of the hardest to do as it definitely makes a lot of people feel awkward and uncomfortable. Once you have managed to be able to maintain eye contact with almost everyone you interact with, then it’s almost a guarantee that your confidence has skyrocketed sky high too.

5. Imagine you never existed

This is a great exercise for anyone with low self-confidence that they can do right now. Think back of all your happy times you had with others and the joy you have brought to other people in your life. No matter how little it is, you definitely have brought at least some kind of joy to a particular person in your life. Even if it is your parents or your family, or your close relatives. Now just imagine if you never existed, or if you were to leave this world today – how would all these people actually feel? You might actually realize that you are more important in some other people’s life than you thought you actually were!

6. Exercise, meditate and keep away from the junk food

This is something that has been always been preached and comes up every now and then. I know it does feel a bit naggy to hear this again and again – but there’s a reason why this keeps coming up and up again – it’s because it works! Therefore, if you do not have time to do all this, just try to set aside 15 minutes of your day for some simple exercises, and you will definitely feel much better about yourself and your life!

Here are just 6 simple confidence booster tips that anyone can start using today to try and improve their own self-confidence. People who suffer from low self-confidence usually also suffer from slight social anxiety, so if you want to know whether you are suffering from it you can check out social phobia symptoms.

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