Panic Attack Help – What to do in case of a panic attack

Panic Attack Help – Symptoms and Treatment

panic attack helpTo first understand what to do when you suffer from a panic attack, you would first need to know what exactly is a panic attack. Basically, a panic attack is when you suddenly feel a lot of nervousness, anxiety or fear in certain situations. In the very worst case, panic attack sufferers might feel as though they are on the verge of craziness or feel like they are suffering from a heart attack.

Even though this may sound really dangerous and scary, panic attacks are basically just a large flow of adrenalin being released into your body. And this is the main cause of all the things you feel, such as fear, pounding heart, dizziness and so on.

If you do a search on the Internet, you would probably have come to the realization or conclusion that there seems to be a lot of studies and researches being carried out being the cause of panic and anxiety disorders. But the problem with all of these studies and researches is that they have not yet been able to come to a conclusion as to what is really the main reason for all these disorders.

Even so, it is generally agreed upon based on experiences of past sufferers that the main cause of anxiety disorders is usually due to a prolonged feeling of worry and stress. Imagine a cup that is empty at first, but gradually gets filled up with worry over time without any emptying down. After some time, the cup will start to overflow and cause panic attacks to happen. No matter what is the real cause of these anxiety and panic disorders though, it is very possible to recover from them with the proper help, support and actions.

The reason why most people feel so scared and afraid of panic attacks is because a lot of times these panic attacks don’t only come in certain situations, but they can occur anytime throughout the day, even when you are in a very comfortable position. This would tend to cause people to get stuck in a negative loop as they would feel panic and anxious that their panic attacks are going to occur anytime, and start to associate these feelings with anything they are doing.

Recovering from panic attacks

The first thing you need in order to recover from panic attacks is to not be scared and afraid of them. What you need to understand right from the start is that no matter how bad panic attacks may feel, they actually do no physical harm to you at all most of the time, and subsequently subside very quickly.

So how do you actually go about recovering from panic attacks? Understanding panic attacks like I said before is the most important and crucial part. Think about it – if you actually understand and know what is exactly happening, you would be able to lose a lot of fear and worry which helps you to get out of the negative cycle or trap. Imagine if you keep feeling anxious or nervous the whole day just because you do not know what exactly is causing you to feel this way, you would spend 24/7 worrying about your whole life.

Whereas if you understand what causes you to feel these feelings, you would be able to accept them as they can and then take the appropriate actions to get rid of them.

From my past experiences with people who suffer from panic attacks and my own experiences, I have found out that the fastest and best method to get rid of them is to learn how to regain your confidence. Learning certain ways to cope with anxiety and overcoming shyness also plays a huge part in all of these.

I certainly hope that this article has helped you to understand more about panic attack and what kind of actions you can start taking today to move towards the wonderful life you have always dreamt of!

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  1. Verona says:

    Having a panic attack really sucks!

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