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self esteem exercisesIf anyone in this world was asked right now whether he would like to boost his self-esteem or self-confidence, no one in the right mind would probably say No. Although this is the case, why do many people seem to still suffer from low self-esteem or self-confidence?

Well, the reason is pretty simple. Most of the time, it is because people do not know the proper ways to get more confidence or to boost their own self-esteem. If this sounds exactly like you, do not worry, for today we are going through a few self-esteem exercises you can do right now in the comfort of your own home to get more self-confidence.

Changing your belief systems

A lot of actions we do in our own lives are usually due to our belief systems. We act and think accordingly to our beliefs. For instance, if you have a belief that you are not of any value to other people, you would consistently trying to do things that reflect this belief.

So how can you go about changing a particular belief system? If this is your first time doing so, it may be difficult. A way you can go about doing it is to ask yourself “What exactly do I believe about myself in order for this particular situation to manifest itself?” and “What can I do to change this belief?”

For instance, if you currently do not have a girlfriend, by asking yourself the first question you might uncover beliefs such as “I am afraid of interactions with girls”, “I am afraid of getting rejected” and so on. From there, you would be able to try and take consistent steps to change these beliefs.

A simple way to check whether you are doing this the right way would be that you should be feeling a lot of negative pain and emotions while uncovering these beliefs. This is because this is just a reaction by your mind to get you to avoid changing these beliefs. If you can overcome these negative emotions and uncover these beliefs, then you are on the right track.

Practise loving yourself

Many people suffer from low self-confidence because they think that they have nothing of value to offer to other people, but this is totally not true at all. No matter how bad you are, you definitely have something, no matter how small, to offer to other people.

Firstly, take the time off to think about your own strengths and values, and write them down on a piece of paper. Then take the list and read it out in front a mirror starting with “I love” or “I like”. For instance, if one of your strengths is having a great sense of humour or having an ok body, just say “I love my great sense of humour” or “I love my body” in front of the mirror. You would be surprised at how much it can help to boost your self-confidence!

Practise gratitude and appreciation

We often feel depressed and unhappy because we tend to compare ourselves with people who are a lot better than us. By doing so, we are actually putting ourselves in an inferior position. Why do this to yourself?

No matter how great you are currently, there will always be people who are better and people who are worse off than you on both ends of the spectrum. So what is the point of comparing yourself to others? By practising gratitude and appreciation, we would be able to take our minds off comparing ourselves to others, and hence become a lot more positive and confident.

These are just a few simple tricks and self-confidence tips that anyone can start using today. It is important to fix the problem of low self-confidence as soon as possible, if not they may manifest into full-blown panic attacks, social anxiety or shyness.

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