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self help for anxietyAnxiety is a problem that almost everyone faces in life. The only difference is that whether the particular person is well prepared to handle the anxiety that comes up in his life, and how much anxiety does that person actually suffer from.

If you do not believe that everyone suffers from anxiety in life, then just think back to times during your school days before an exam. Do you remember more people than usual would want to go to the bathroom just right before the exam start? Yup – that is a sign of them suffering from slight anxiety and needed to relieve themselves to release a bit of anxiety. Or what about other people who were in the same interview room as you? Chances are you can probably see from their faces that they are more fidgety than usual. The difference is that most of people have learnt how to deal with this anxiety and accept them, whereas some people are not able to overcome this anxiety and allow this anxiety to take over their life.

For these people, fret not – for there are definitely still many ways one can use to overcome anxiety. Do note that there is a slight difference between anxiety and social anxiety though, even though they occur because mainly of the same reasons. If you do not know whether you suffer from social anxiety then you can check out this article here.

So how can you learn how to cope with your anxiety? Well, the first thing you can do would be to identify your triggers. What this means is that you should try your best to identify the triggers that are causing you to feel this surge of anxiety. For instance, you might be feeling anxious because you are afraid of the outcomes, or that you might be feeling anxious because you are worried about what your interviewer might think of you, or whether you might end up saying the wrong thing in an interview. Once you have managed to identify these triggers, then make a mental note of them, and then try to notice the feelings you are feeling when these triggers happen.

The first few times you do this, you will definitely feel very uncomfortable and awkward and feel like giving up, but that is a right sign that you are doing it correctly. When you have confirmed that these are the particular triggers that are triggering your anxiety, then start to make them happen more in your life. This is also a method known a progressive desensitization.

If you are unable to identify these triggers, then fret not – for there are still ways in which you can overcome your anxiety. What you can do is to make a plan to start to do things that you normally avoid, or go to the places that you normally avoid. For instance, if you have always been avoiding social events because you feel uncomfortable and awkward, then you should start going to them more often. You can start by going to small parties where there are not a lot of people yet, and then move on to companies’ events where there are many people you would not know. You can start to learn to pick up a new sport or skill, and all of these will definitely help a lot in overcoming your anxiety.

Overcoming anxiety is not a difficult thing at all, and it becomes even more easier if you have a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem at the same time. Here are some self-confidence tips and self-esteem boosters that you can use today to become more confident and overcome your anxiety today!

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