Symptoms of Social Anxiety

symptoms of social anxietyIf you have currently somehow landed up on this page, then the question Do you have social anxiety is probably consistently ringing in your mind. For this, I have to congratulate you first, for at least you are willing to face your fears and take the first step into admitting that you have a problem.

A lot of people who suffer from social anxiety disorders do not want to admit that they have this problem, and this actually makes the problem and condition worse in the long run. Even though social anxiety disorders do not really do any physical harm to you, the negative psychological effects can be very damaging and affect your whole life in a negative way.

Causes of social anxiety

So how do you know whether you have social anxiety? The first way is to first understand about the main causes of social anxiety. Social anxiety is usually caused by a lot of worry and stress coupled with a fear of the unknown. What this means is that your mind always constantly generates the negative consequences for any actions that you are going to take, rather than a positive one.

Even though you know that in reality these negative consequences is very unlikely to happen, you still cannot make yourself stop thinking about it. If this still sounds very unclear to you, then maybe an example will make it clearer to you.

For instance, you signed up for a new class and you are going to attend the class alone. Instead of thinking all the fun and new friends you are going to make, you start to think of what if everyone in that class already has their own friends and you would find it difficult to make more friends. You start to think of you having to complete the sessions alone for months. You start to think of how other people won’t like you because you are alone, and many other more. Eventually, all this fear starts to creep in and you become afraid to go to that particular class anymore.

Other symptoms of social anxiety could also just be feeling nervousness and anxiety out of no reason at all during anytime of the day. It could also be something as simple as avoiding other people, such as not taking the lift when you see someone else waiting for it.

One thing that I have to make clear though, is that almost everyone suffers from social anxiety, just that how severe it is. Public speaking is one very good example as I do not know of anyone who is not afraid of public speaking. The fear of public speaking is something that is very closely linked to social anxiety.

After all this, I hope that now you have a much better and clearer understanding of what social anxiety is and whether you have it. If you think that you currently suffer from it, then you should definitely try to seek a cure for social anxiety as fast as possible before it starts to affect your life!

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