The Cure For Social Anxiety

Social AnxietyHave you been trying desperately to find a cure for social anxiety but find that nothing else seems to work? You might have tried many different methods and techniques to get rid of social anxiety, only to find that most of these methods only work for the short term. Even though some of these methods work greatly and are very effective in the short term, if you consistently still feel social anxiety or when your level of social anxiety starts to increase, you would find that these methods slowly start to lose their effectiveness.

If this sounds like you, then you might currently feel that change is impossible and you are stuck with social anxiety your whole life. But the true fact social anxiety is actually a disorder that can be cured, either with the help of medication or without. Of course, in the best possible scenario, it is still better for one to learn how to get rid of their social anxiety disorder without any form of medication, as you definitely do not want to end up depending on medication for the rest of your life.

I know this all very well because I have suffered from a severe case of social anxiety before and I know that having social anxiety just sucks! Even though you might argue that everyone suffers to social anxiety from some extent, mine was terrible – I had to make several trips to the bathroom before any presentations in front of a large class, I could not think properly when I was in a large group of people, and there was even a time when I became scared even to just cross the road where there were traffic lights!

Now I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I have found some magical cure to get rid of social anxiety forever, because it is a disorder that can never be gotten rid of. But a good cure for social anxiety would be to reduce your level of anxiety such that you can feel normal in most social situations, and not start to blush or sweat like before.

But do take note that this method takes a bit of hard work and effort on your own part, because it is completely natural and do not require any kind of prescribed medication at all. Nor is it about making use of hypnosis or subliminal messaging to make yourself feel better.

By following a streamline of steps that can be found on this site, you would be able to get rid of your social anxiety and be able to become the confident person you had always wished to be.

The steps are as follow:

1. Do you have social anxiety?

The no 1 step to resolving any problem is to first admit that you have a problem in this particular area. If you do not believe that you are suffering from any kind of social anxiety, or you do not know what the symptoms of social anxiety are, then there is no point in continuing on. To find out whether you have social anxiety, you can visit the link above.

2. The Main Causes of Social Anxiety

The next step is to learn about the main causes of social anxiety so that you will be able to avoid these causes as much as possible. If there is no way to avoid these causes, fret not, for there are still methods to get around it.

3.  Getting rid of social anxiety through progressive desensitization

I am sure most of you understand the meaning of desensitization, which is to habituate your body and mind to these actions or situations as much as possible so that you will not feel as much fear or social anxiety as before.

4. Coping with Social Anxiety in the Short Term

As we all know, social anxiety is something that cannot be gotten rid of easily overnight. So what do you do when you have social anxiety in the short term and need a quick fix? These are some methods that will help you greatly.

5. Do you actually value yourself?

This is something that most people who suffer from social anxiety tend to overlook. By valuing yourself, you can actually increase your self-esteem and reduce the amount of social anxiety you have.

6. To be continued and on

By following these few simple steps and avoiding the most common mistakes that most people who suffer from social anxiety make, you will gradually be able to get rid of this problem in no time at all, and become the confident person you have always wanted to be.

7. Do you suffer from shyness too?

If you also suffer from a bit of shyness, then you might want to also check out this article on How to Overcome Shyness. Most people who suffer from social anxiety also suffer from shyness!


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2 Responses to The Cure For Social Anxiety

  1. Mark Reninger says:

    Thanks for all your tips here. What you have said does resonate with me a lot and I will try some of them when I am free. Hope that it will be able to help me because I am really sick and tired of being an introvert in my life.

    • James Tyler says:

      Hey Mark

      Glad to see that it helped. I’m sure you will be able to break out of your “shy” shell, just like how I did – try to take it slow at the start though!

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